Was incorporated in 16 Jun 2016. Sheer Global Travel is located at the prime central business district of Shah Alam. This location allows Sheer Global Travel to be served its esteemed client. Sheer Global Travel has in its stable a list of reputable client from the industries including automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas, Services as well as the Government and semi- Government Ministries and departments.
The services provided by Sheer Global Travel are on top-notch as we pride ourselves with the highest quality services possible for our client. We at Sheer Global Travel customize our services to suit all walks of life.
Sheer Global Travel has a team of highly skilled and trained personnel in all areas pertaining to the travel industry. Together, the team at Sheer Global Travel has a total of 15 years’ experience in this ever robust industry. Sheer Global Travel looking forward to leading travel agency for numerous trade missions for the various government bodies as well as organized study-tours for various institutions and corporate bodies.